You want a good argument for signing Donald? Look at Jacksonville

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    Look at Calais Campbell.

    Last year Campbell was with ARZ and they were first in sack percentage and 2nd on defense, including 4th against the pass.

    This year ARZ is 27th in sack percentage and 15th on defense, including 20th against the pass.

    I’m sure there are other things but then look at Jacksonville, who signed Campbell.

    Last year, before Campbell, they were 15th in sack percentage, but very good on defense anyway, ranked 6th overall and 5th against the pass.

    This year, with Campbell, they are worse against the run but 3rd against the pass, including 1st in sack percentage with a whopping 10.2%. The last time a team ranked that high was Dallas in 2008, when they had D’Marcus Ware getting 20 sacks plus Ratliff and Ellis getting sacks too (that was of course the Wade Phillips Cowboys).

    Campbell isn’t the only factor both directions but still, Arizona misses him and Jacksonville got even better with him.

    The Rams are not too shabby on sack percentage themselves. So it could be quite a game.

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