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    Who do you think will benefit the most of having McVay here with the new coaches? Is it really Goff? Maybe it could be Tavon? How about Gurley? Better yet, Greg Robinson?


    i think definitely goff. the most.

    but other candidates would include the tight ends. we ABSOLUTELY know mcvay’s background with tight ends SPECIFICALLY jordan reed. tight ends have a significant role in mcvay’s offense. and mcvay had a role in developing jordan reed into the player he is today. but not just jordan reed. vernon davis has had many things to say about how much he’s loved playing in this offense. now turning to the players on this team mcvay has specifically singled out kendricks as a player he liked coming out of college. maybe mcvay can coax a little more out of him. but not just lance. higbee and hemingway also have potential. you can bet mcvay will have an eye toward that position and finding ways to get more production from those guys.

    but on the defensive side with the addition of phillips. i think robert quinn has potential to benefit from a coaching change. maybe he can find a way to free him up more to just rush the passer and put less stress on his back. i don’t know. that’s what intrigues me the most. partially because quinn has been limited the last two years. hoping he can get his career back on track.

    i also wonder if the defensive staff can help ogletree reach his potential. barry has talked about him. i’m sure he’ll be getting lots of attention this offseason.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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