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    Pharoh Cooper@KingTutt_chdown
    I’m sorry Ram nation and I Promise to learn from this experience and bounce back !!

    Jared Goff@JaredGoff16
    Not the way we wanted it to end last night. Thank you to all the fans for the tremendous support all year. We’re truly building something special. See you all again in August loud and proud #GoRams

    Vincent Bonsignore@DailyNewsVinny
    I think early on some inexperience/nerves played a factor.

    #AFC South, which advanced two teams in playoffs this weekend, was 0-4 against the #Rams. Sports is crazy sometimes

    #Rams Jamon Brown cleaning out locker. I asked him what his emotions were reporting to T.O. today after last night. “Man…..” (said it all)

    1. We can analyze #Rams loss every which way to Tuesday. But bottom line, you can’t lose turnover battle 0-2 & expect to win in playoffs

    2. The turnovers put #Rams in a 13-0 hole. And there goes the preferred game plan as a result. Everything changes playing catch up

    3. If you’re a #Rams fan, takeaway this season: There wasn’t one game in which #Rams we’re at a talent or coaching disadvantage

    4. Every loss can be directly traced to self-inflicted wounds. Tying up those loose ends will elevate them to that next level

    Alden Gonzalez@Alden_Gonzalez
    OLB Connor Barwin said the Rams have “the strongest foundation of any of the teams I’ve gone to the playoffs with” and would “love to be back.”

    Did Jared Goff prove anything to himself this year? “No,” he said. “I always knew what I could do.”

    Rams WR Sammy Watkins, a potential free agent, on whether he can play a bigger role in the offense if he returns: “Most definitely. I just think (Jared Goff) got on a roll with the guys that he had during OTAs, and once a guy is used to throwing it to someone else, he throws to his guys. It’s just part of the game where you need more time or maybe another year.”

    Potential free agent Sammy Watkins: “You see this team building something with the coaching staff, the players. It’d be a pleasure to come back, but you know, it’s a business. I’m just looking forward to talking to the coaches to see what my future holds.”

    Rich Hammond@Rich_Hammond
    Sammy Watkins was targeted on 4 of Goff’s 45 attempts and had 1 catch. I think the Rams keep Watkins, if only on a franchise/transition tag, but this can’t continue in 2018.

    Brockers’ injury changed things. Rams’ pass rush slowed down and Falcons’ run game seemed to be targeting the gap he vacated. That’s not why Rams lost but it factored in 3Q especially.

    Ryan Kartje@Ryan_Kartje
    Jared Goff: “We look to come back even stronger next year.”

    Mark Whicker‏ @MWhicker03LANG
    Atlanta obviously noticed how much Rams were depending on Gurley’s receiving. He had four catches for 10 yards



    Andy Benoit@Andy_Benoit
    Doubt the #Rams will break the bank to retain Sammy Watkins. Worth re-signing, but only if the money is right. That system doesn’t make huge use of perimeter WRs.

    The key receiving pieces, by design, are still slot WR, RB and possession target. And if athletic TE shows up (maybe Gerald Everett improves?) that goes to top of pecking order.

    Watkins’s market value will depend on how teams feel about 2018 WR draft class plus other FA’s available. Watkins likely won’t be paid like a true No. 1.

    Love seeing that Rodgers Saffold made Second Team All-Pro. I agonized over him, ultimately put Andrus Peat on my ballot. Saffold has been huge key on #Rams screen game.

    Against the Rams, the Falcons, as expected, featured a good mix of Cover 3 and man-lurk, as well as blitzes out of both looks.

    Falcons notable use of 3-4 defensive structures. Rams had a lot of trouble running against it.

    This was not an awful performance by Rams, but too many snaps where the pass game’s timing was a tad off. Factor in Falcons speed and fundamental soundness and you get the outcome they got.

    Falcons Film: there was a liveliness to the #Rams pass rush. Donald, Quinn, Brockers and Fox all flashed.

    Falcons have NFL’s best RB tandem by a huge margin. Coleman is viewed within NFL as a more potent threat than Freeman. Both great….thinking about this even further, might have to say I’m totally wrong, and Kamara and Ingram go ahead of Freeman and Coleman. I am in love with Coleman’s skill set and explosiveness, but I can’t underrate Kamara because of that.

    #Rams played zone much of the game. Their zones can have a matchup feel to them.

    Troy Hill showed good plant-and-close ability vs in-breakers from off-coverage. He did a solid job filling in down the stretch this year as the No. 2 CB.

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