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    Sam Farmer‏@LATimesfarmer
    Saints-Rams crossflexed to CBS, where it can be seen by roughly 80% of the country as opposed to about 20%.

    Andy Benoit‏@Andy_Benoit
    No offensive lineman has been better out in space this November than #Rams LG Rodger Saffold (# 76).

    J.B. Long@JB_Long
    The @RamsNFL are 1 of 3 #NFL teams with multiple sacks in each game this season (CHI, PIT).

    #LARams are also within 3 sacks of 2016 season total, but Case Keenum has only been sacked once in last 5 #Vikings games.

    Rich Hammond‏@Rich_Hammond
    Rams’ Ethan Westbrooks was charged, two weeks ago, with misdemeanor count of carrying a loaded gun, after Sept. 22 arrest. Arraignment is Friday in Kern County. As first noted by @LATimesklein

    McVay said discipline for Westbrooks (gun charge) has been handled in-house: “He’s been up front and honest with us the whole time, and we trust Ethan on his word and we’re continuing to stick with him.”

    McVay flashed mock anger at the “SoundFX” video of the Rams’ creative audible calls: Ric Flair, Obama, Elvis, etc. “Some of them mean something and some of them don’t. Guys have fun with it.”

    Rams lead the NFL with 19 takeaways, in 9 games. Last season, they totaled 18 takeaways in 16 games.

    Jared Goff said he recently texted Case Keenum and that both QBs are excited about Sunday. “There’s not a guy you could be more happy for, really,” Goff said of Keenum.

    Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of Fisher announcing that Goff would supplant Keenum as Rams’ starting QB. And now here they are…

    Sunday’s game has so many layers. Wade Phillips took over as Texans’ interim coach in Dec. 2013. Who did he inherit as his QB? Case Keenum

    Ryan Kartje‏@Ryan_Kartje
    Andrew Whitworth is on his way to becoming just the second 36-year-old offensive tackle in NFL history to make the Pro Bowl.

    NFL Matchup on ESPN‏V@NFLMatchup

    #Vikings 3rd down Defense over last 4 games (EXCELLENT):

    -Very hard to read, lot of deception & often difficult to decipher what coverage is; hybrid coverage heavy.
    -75% MAN coverage, more than expected
    -Allow only 17% conversion when they BLITZ (40% of time) #SKOL

    Nathan Jahnke‏@PFF_NateJahnke
    Today was Andrew Whitworth’s 50th career game with 20+ pass blocks and 0 pressures allowed. That is 15 more than any other LT since 2006.

    Gary Klein‏@LATimesklein
    Keenum on Goff: “You knew he was talented when he showed up in the building, and to see him come into his own and doing what he’s done has been really cool to watch.”

    Joe Curley‏ @vcsjoecurley
    McVay compliments OG Rodger Saffold. Says he’s been very productive and that he’s been a pleasant surprise to him.

    Asked about the Sound FX video that shows Rams colorful audible calls, McVay says “Go ahead and see if you guys can decipher what all those mean.”

    McVay says he’s yet to coach at the new Vikings stadium, but former Vikings C John Sullivan has filled him on how loud the atmosphere is.

    Phillips on Vikings WRs Theilen and Diggs, “They’re a handful, but the tight end gives you problems, as well.”

    Asked about Aaron Donald, Phillips tells a story about how the DT set the tone on Sunday. “He’s a great player and we feed off that.”

    Phillips opens his media availability my complimenting Case Keenum, who he elevated to starter in Houston. Says he’s obv matured as a QB.

    McVay calls C John Sullivan “one of the most impressive” football people he’s been around. “He sees the game from an All-22 perspective.”

    McVay on Zimmer’s defense: “Every yard you get is earned. And it’s hard earned yards.” Mentions every DB has pick “They force bad decisions”

    McVay calls Case Keenum a “very good efficient football player.” Says he’s a big hand in the Vikings success as an offense.

    Zimmer calls the Rams offense “explosive” and “really good on third downs… best in the league.” Calls the Rams O “innovative.” Says they show multiple plays off same action.

    Alden Gonzalez‏@Alden_Gonzalez
    Zimmer, on what sticks out about the Rams’ offense: “The thing I like that they do is they have different plays off the same action. It could be a play-action, it could be a naked (bootleg), it could be a run, it could be a screen. They do a lot of very innovative things.”

    Is the world ready for Keenum versus Goff?

    Case Keenum, joking, when asked what it is that he passed along to Jared Goff: “Anything good that he does.”

    Keenum, on facing Goff in the game of the week: “It’s a funny game. It’s a crazy business, but that’s what makes this so cool. It’s two really good football teams that are going against each other; great defenses and some offenses that have done well. It’s a fun story.”

    Minnesota Vikings‏@Vikings
    “I still think (Aaron Donald) is underrated because he’s that good.”

    Randall Liu‏ @RLiuNFL
    Todd Gurley (@TG3II) is the only RB in the NFL to reach a max speed over 20 MPH as a ball carrier in each of the past 2 weeks.

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