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    Joe Curley@vcsjoecurley
    Les Snead on Jared Goff: “Last year he was winless, this year, the team won 11 games and a division when he was a starter.”

    Snead says the past year, with the winning “culture” developed, can “make this a destination” for FAs both in and out of the building.

    Rich Hammond@Rich_Hammond
    Snead on working with McVay: “That’s when you see the Gruden facial expressions come out, when he’s game-planning.”

    Joe Curley@vcsjoecurley
    Asked about Barron and Quinn’s big cap numbers, Snead says “The goal is not necessary to save money. The goal is to make sure we can fit everybody into the budget.”

    Les Snead says Michael Brockers would have missed the divisional round of the playoffs, had the Rams advanced.

    Les Snead says he “definitely” can see a scenario in which Trumaine Johnson stays. “Obviously, he fit in and played an important role.”

    On Sammy Watkins, Les Snead mentions Sean McVay’s offensive spreads ball around. Calls Watkins “a very important complimentary piece.”

    “You saw him in the red zone… That does take a skill set.

    LS: “The team will be different next year. But the goal is to keep those core pieces, those difference makers, around as long as possible.”

    Snead on priorities: “Can’t say that Aaron would be first. We’ll have them all going simultaneously… and try to knock them all out.”

    Snead says at some point during the season, the team and Aaron Donald’s reps agreed to push extension negotiations beyond the 2017 season.

    Lindsey Thiry@LindseyThiry
    Les Snead says the front office will take some time off, come back after Super Bowl week and evaluate the contract situations on their roster, including those of: Aaron Donald, Sammy Watkins, Tavon Austin.

    Joe Curley@vcsjoecurley
    Tavon Austin’s name is mentioned. Les Snead asks the question for us, “Can we carry him and his contract?”

    Les Snead: “It’s going to be a busy offseason… And you want to keep continuity.” @CVRamsClub

    Ryan Kartje@Ryan_Kartje
    Snead on next season: “We don’t have to implement an offense. Now, we can evolve our offense.”

    Joe Curley@vcsjoecurley
    Snead says nothing is guaranteed for the franchise. “Just because we did it last year and, on paper, it looks like we’re ready to ascend.”

    Snead says he’s “jealous of the people still going.” Says he had trouble turning on football since Saturday.

    Ryan Kartje@Ryan_Kartje
    Les Snead said the #Rams expectations were raised during the season: “We expected to advance in the playoffs, and we didn’t do it.”

    Whitworth and Slater now the only two 36-year-old offensive tackles to ever make the Pro Bowl.

    Mike Cahill@FB_Cahill
    On a 0-100 scale, Aaron Donald finished with an overall grade of 99.7. The highest grade obtainable is a 99.9. #LARams

    Cameron DaSilva@camdasilva
    Jared Goff says the best defense he faced this defense was Jacksonville “personnel-wise.”

    Overall, it was the Vikings. “There’s no weakness.”

    Alden Gonzalez@Alden_Gonzalez
    Rams GM Les Snead, on Sammy Watkins continuing to grow in this offense: “That’s a goal of ours.”

    Snead on an Aaron Donald extension: “I can’t put a timeline on it, but he is a priority.”

    Rich Hammond@Rich_Hammond
    Snead on McVay’s intensity: “Great job to be around. Just don’t bother him on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.”

    Ryan Kartje@Ryan_Kartje
    Asked about Greg Zuerlein’s back injury, Les Snead said that the Rams “do expect him to return.” Also said “sooner rather than later.”

    Snead: “It’s going to be a busy offseason.”

    The Seahawks, not long ago the undisputed kings of the NFC West, fired their offensive and defensive coordinators today. Things change fast in the NFL, man.


    Alden Gonzalez, ESPN Staff Writer

    Rams GM Les Snead spoke to the media for 40 minutes today. Some takeaways: The situation with CB Trumaine Johnson is fascinating. Snead said he can “definitely” see a scenario where he’s back, and so can I, especially with Kayvon Webster recovering from a torn Achilles and no real depth behind him. They’ll have to pay him like a top corner. … If anything has changed with Aaron Donald’s situation, he isn’t saying. But Donald can’t hold out as long as he did last year because he would delay his free agency by a year. … Snead credited WR/RB Tavon Austin with the way he handled a limited role. Snead wouldn’t say it, but it’s hard to see him coming back. … Still expect S Lamarcus Joyner to get an extension and WR Sammy Watkins to get tagged. … If you bring back Johnson, Joyner and Watkins, and you extend Donald, then you get to a point where you think the Rams may have to consider cutting ties with OLB Robert Quinn and/or ILB Mark Barron, because the savings is significant.

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