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    Vincent Bonsignore@DailyNewsVinny
    #Rams will do a walkthrough tomorrow rather than a full practice due to nearby fires in the area.

    FYI: The way the #Rams have been handling Wednesday practices recently this is not a major change.

    I’m not a fan. I look at things as an observer. #Rams are good. Very good.

    Andy Benoit‏@Andy_Benoit
    #Rams Film: DE Longacre always stands out on film. Plays hard and is a better athlete than you’d guess. A really good play finisher.

    Alden Gonzalez‏@Alden_Gonzalez
    Rams are fourth in our power rankings, behind only the Patriots, Eagles and Vikings. …

    Points per game …

    1. Eagles, 30.08
    1. Rams, 30.08

    Sean McVay called his clock management to end Sunday’s first half “inexcusable.” The Rams converted a first down and were at the 2-yard line, but only 4 seconds remained and they had to kick a field goal. McVay feels he shouldn’t have let the clock bleed so much before taking his second of three timeouts. “I’ve got to be better,” McVay said. “Those are the kind of things that get you beat.”

    Rich Hammond‏@Rich_Hammond
    Rams’ practice schedule for Thursday and Friday have not been determined. Fires are quite some distance from team facility, but air is bad.

    And for those wondering, no, it’s not feasible to pack up an NFL team on 24-hour notice and move it to another facility for practice. It’s not a Pop Warner team practicing in a park.

    Rams cut DB Marcus Sayles from their practice squad today. He was signed two weeks ago after Webster/Robey-Coleman injuries.

    Rams have to be careful not to force-feed Gurley against strong Eagles run defense, but Rams are 7-0 when Gurley gets at least 20 touches


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