Rams and Vikings have played in some pretty important games over the years

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    Leuzer wrote:

    After having a 17-7 lead at halftime, Joe Kapp and the Vikings stormed back to take a 21-20 lead in the 4th quarter. Minnesota extended their lead with a safety, but Roman Gabriel moved the Rams into Viking territory late in the game. Unfortunately, Alan Page intercepted Gabriel with 31 seconds left.
    23-20 Vikings.

    1974 NFC Championship

    Trailing 7-3 in the second half, the Rams drove 98 yards to Minnesota’s 1 yard line. Los Angeles was set to take the lead; however, James Harris was intercepted on 3rd down. The Vikings marched down the field and added to their lead with another touchdown. The Rams responded with a score of their own, but Minnesota ran out the clock on LA’s Super Bowl dreams. 14-10 Vikings.

    1976 NFC Championship

    The Bobby Bryant returned a blocked field goal 90 yards for a Minnesota touchdown early in the game. The Vikings rode that momentum to a 17-0 lead, but the Rams responded with back-to-back touchdowns to cut the lead to 4. Pat Haden drove the Rams down to the Viking 39 yard line, but was intercepted on 4th down by Bryant. Fran Tarkenton quickly put the Rams away and sent the Vikings to their 4th Super Bowl appearance. 24-13 Vikings.

    1977 NFC Divisional (The Mud Bowl)

    After years of bad luck, the Rams seemed to turn the page by finally playing at home against the Tarkenton-less Vikings. After three straight days of rain, the field and players were caked in mud. The Vikings used this to their advantage by rushing over the Ram defense. Minnesota took a 14-0 lead and never looked back. 14-7 Vikings.

    1978 NFC Divisional

    After going into halftime tied at 10, the Rams clamped down on the Vikings only allowing 59 yards of offense in the second half. LA cruised past Minnesota to finally put their Vikings playoff curse behind them. 34-10 Rams.

    1999 NFC Divisional

    The St. Louis Rams (13-3) hosted the Minnesota Vikings (11-6) in the 1999 NFC Divisional playoff game on January 16, 2000. This was the first NFL playoff game ever played in St. Louis. In the days leading up to match-up, many analysts speculated that the inexperience and lack of regular season competition for the Rams would give Minnesota the edge. But on the first offensive play from scrimmage, St. Louis silenced their critics and set the tone for the rest of the game. 49-37 Rams.

    2000 Week 15

    The Minnesota Vikings (11-2) clashed with the St. Louis Rams (8-5) on December 10th, 2000 in a rematch of last year’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game. After losing five out of the last seven games, the Rams desperately needed a victory to stay alive in the playoff race. The Vikings entered the on a four-game winning streak and needed only one more win to clinch the NFC Central Title & home-field advantage in the playoffs. After last week’s debacle in Carolina, the St. Louis game plan this week was simple: Marshall! Marshall! Marshall! Marshall! 40-29 Rams.


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