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    Head Coach Sean McVay –– October 19, 2017

    (On if he’s happy with the way that everything happened in Jacksonville during their week of practice)

    “Yeah, I thought it was a great setup. Guys did a great job of handling the situation and we were able to get really ahead on our game plan install and we’ll keep the same Friday practice routine tomorrow. But, just because of the travel and some of the different things and having had the experience last year leaving on a Thursday going to London, we felt like just from an above the neck standpoint that was going to be the best way to go about getting our game plan well. Guys handled it really well and then tomorrow we’ll be able to kind of use as a cleanup day and everything then we will be geared towards peaking on Sunday.”

    (On if the organization gives him leeway to make travels decisions)

    “Absolutely. Well, we always make decisions as an organization, but yeah I think every decision that we make is geared towards what we feel like it best for our players and best for our team. That’s where we’re all on the same page with those kind of things and these were decisions that take long discussions in figuring out because there’s a lot of different options that you could utilize in this situation. I think the players have handled it really well and having somebody like (Director of Sports Medicine/Performance) Reggie Scott and (Head of Strength and Conditioning) Ted Rath to really be able to lean on mainly for the players in terms of how they’re getting adjusted to the time zone was the main reason that we felt like this was going to be best and then having experience having gone for a week last year and kind of weighing the pros and cons is ultimately what went into staying here and the leaving on a Thursday.”

    (On if this is the Todd Gurley that he envisioned)

    “Yeah, I think the thing that we’ve been so impressed with Todd Gurley is since day one of even OTAs (Organized Team Activates), even just watching the way he handled himself in the meetings. He’s been the epitome of what it looks like. To say that you’re surprised by his production, I don’t think you’d be surprised, but you’re happy for him and you’re happy for the team because he’s playing so well and it’s leading to some good results. But, these are the things that we all felt he was capable of and we expect him to continue to play at a high level and those are the expectations for a guy that we think is one of the best backs in this league.”

    (On Gurley getting to meet Griff who was the fan that went viral with his reaction to getting to see Gurley play in Jacksonville)

    “Yeah, it was nice. We got a chance to talk to them and what you realize is what a blessing it is to be able to do this for a living and the impact that you can have on guys. I know that Todd got a chance to speak with him and that’s when you kind of look back and when you’re able to step away, sometimes you’re so involved in it, you can’t appreciate what a special, unique opportunity we have to be able to coach in this league and that people enjoy that and look up to guys like Todd. I thought it was great for him to be able to have those guys here today.”


    Rams RB Todd Gurley – – October 19, 2017

    (On the young Rams fan, Griffin Sumner, coming out to practice today)

    “Griffin came through with this family to practice. It was a good day. Happy that he got a chance to come up here with his family. His mom is an Auburn fan, but we’ll give her a pass (laughs). ”

    (On what perspective it provides to see Griff’s video on social media)

    “A lot. It just makes everything a lot better – whether the wins or losses. When you see stuff like that, it means a lot. You don’t really see it until you get a video like that and you’re like, ‘Oh snap, kids really do look up to you.’ So, you know, it’s a cool thing.”

    (On his comments on social media regarding Arizona RB Adrian Peterson still playing at a high level)

    “Oh yeah, he ain’t never going no where, man. Y’all better stop being disrespectful to ‘AP.’ That’s all I’m going to say (laughs).”

    (On if he studied Peterson’s game)

    “He’s the top of the food chain. Like I said, he’s the best of the best. He’s been doing this a while. Nothing but respect for him.”

    (On if he tries to play similarly to Peterson)

    “Everybody tries to be a physical runner like him. I mean it doesn’t really get much better than him, just being aggressive, attacking downhill. He did all that the Vikings and they probably made the playoffs one or two times, so that’s incredible.”

    (On being a student of other running backs in the league)

    “Yeah, I mean I more of like a fan though. Just like everybody. Respect everybody’s game. Seeing everybody in college, seeing guys that are in pros now balling out. But most definitely, I study everybody’s game honestly.”

    (On if he thinks he’s a more patient runner this year)

    “I wouldn’t say all of that.”

    (On if he gave Griff any words of encouragement)

    “I didn’t give him any words of encouragement. I was just like, ‘What’s up man.’ I really didn’t do all that.”

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