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    Going back to 2006, how many times did the Rams field the same 5, or at least 4 of the 5 starting linemen in 90% or more of games? This assumes you’re not starting someone who is injured because replacing him would be worse (like Wells in 2014 who played much of the season with an elbow that required surgery after the season).

    It gets down to this.

    1. 2010.
    4. 2017, so far.

    So out of 192 regular season games, it’s 25 total, or 12.8%.

    However, though fielding all 5 or at least 4 of the 5 for the majority of the season is rare, the more common thing is just to be relatively healthy–let’s say no more than 2 out at a time or something like that (though if it’s the LOT then often that’s a problem).

    More often than not teams get by just being relatively healthy. Lose your left guard for a few games, then maybe your right tackle for the season, maybe both at once. Relatively healthy is one thing…crossing over to critical mass with extensive multiple simultaneous injuries is another thing.

    SoI will revise my list above to do “at least relatively healthy.”

    Given that, these are the times from 2006 on where the OL was at least relatively healthy.

    1. 2010.
    2. The 2nd half of 2012.
    3. The first 12 or so games of 2013.
    4. 2017, so far.

    So out of 192 regular season games, it’s 45 total, or 23%.

    In terms of this year, they probably need Whitworth in there.

    Plus I am not sure what they do if they lose 2 interior linemen (knock on wood). We know Blythe has subbed for both Sullivan and Saffold and handled it. But he can’t play 2 spots at the same time. 😎

    Williams has looked okay so far this season in limited action so maybe they could handle losing both an interior lineman and the ROT. That way they play Blythe and Williams without, I think, losing too much.

    Beyond that it’s not clear.

    This off-season they will probably a future LOT to develop behind Whitworth, but I also think they will do more than draft guys. I think they will probably do the Vermeil-type “all approaches used” line building method and draft a guy or 2, sign a UDFA or 2, pick up “ronin” linemen (other teams’s cuts), and maybe raid a practice squad.

    So I expect to see 6-7 new guys in camp, including guards tackles and centers, and including everything from UDFAs to draft picks to aging vets with something left who sign for the minimum (like Garrett Reynolds was) and other teams cuts (like Barksdale was and Blythe is).

    AND I trust that they will come up with something too. I really believe in Kromer, I think he has a great track record and this year has shown why.

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