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    from FootballOutsiders: post-draft 2017 NFL projections

    NFC West

    Seattle Seahawks: 11-5 (11.4 mean wins, SOS: 22)
    Arizona Cardinals: 9-7 (8.6 mean wins, SOS: 20)
    Los Angeles Rams: 8-8 (8.2 mean wins, SOS: 23)
    San Francisco 49ers: 5-11 (5.2 mean wins, SOS: 5)

    Seattle’s run of four straight years on top of our DVOA ratings ended last season, but there’s plenty of reason to believe the Seahawks’ defense can rebound once Earl Thomas gets back on the field. We’ve tempered our offensive projection for Arizona since our April forecast after comparing Carson Palmer’s recent history to other quarterbacks who had one big season in their 30s. Nevertheless, Arizona should have a top defense and the offense should rebound a little bit and be at least average.

    Our Rams forecast got a lot of surprised reaction when we published our projections in April. There are two big reasons for the positive prediction. First, it is almost impossible for the Rams’ offense to be as bad in 2017 as it was in 2016. Last year’s Rams had the fourth-worst offensive DVOA in the past 30 seasons. Improving that to just garden-variety bad, something akin to last year’s Texans, would be worth a win or two. Second, Wade Phillips has a phenomenal record of improving defenses in his first year as head coach or defensive coordinator.

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